– History –

The Anchor Inn, built by Charlie and Cora Longo, opened in September 1925.  It was a family-run affair that included a gas station, bar and restaurant, potato chip factory, firework sales, and a floor of rooms for rent, including a common dining room.  The latter is today called a Bed and Breakfast.

The adult Longos had great difficuly deciding on a name for their new venture.  As they discussed the problem around the kitchen table, young Joey Longo laid listening while reading Robert Louis Stevenson's “Treasure Island” in his room.  He approached the table and meekly suggested “The Anchor Inn” as a good name.  Everyone was unanimous in their agreement and the name was adopted immediately.

In 1939, a decision was made to build a new building to house the restaurant across the street.  It was to be a restaurant and bar complete with dancing and band facilities.  It was built using parts of the Smyerstown Company Store.  Moving their equipment and recipes in to the new building, they were open for business in the summer of 1941.

The new building was dubbed “The New Anchor Inn.”  It retains that name today.  In 1953, the business was purchased by Rose and the late Charles Setree.  Rose is the daughter of the original owners and had much experience in working the family business.  In 2009, Dave and Vickie Setree purchased the Anchor Inn.  After a fire destroyed much of the restaurant, it was rebuilt and reopened in 2012.  Today the restaurant is still owned and operated by the Setree family, including Michael and Christopher Setree, as the fifth generation to help with the business.  Together we welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy serving you.